About CyberTest

Independent Security Testing Services


CyberTest is independent cyber security testing, research and development firm that offers security consulting and penetration testing services that helps organizations and businesses securing their assets.

We use ethical hacking to discover security vulnerabilities. Our security engineers think and attack like a hacker to break and find security issues. We have helped many business improve their security posture and minimize risks.

Why Choose CyberTest?

  • Highly Experienced Security Engineers
  • Ethical Hacking and Penetration Testing
  • Specialized and Certified Professionals
  • Advanced and Customized Security Tools
  • Professional PDF Reporting of Security Issues
  • Affordable Prices for All Business Types
  • Recommendations on How Remediate
  • Quick Response and 24/7 Customer Support

Our Office

Located in Burbank CA, USA

Businesses that want affordable but effective security testing don't need to think twice. Our price for professional security assessment and penetration testing will fit your budget. While our goal was to offer superb and low cost security services to small and medium size businesses, we also offer affordable prices for Enterprises. Either if you are looking for extra eyes on your applications and network, or looking for a low cost but expert security testing, CyberTest can help you improve your security posture.

Our Qualifications

The security engineers and penetration testers at CyberTest hold a wide range of security certifications. However certs alone are not enough. Our team has strong security experience in coding, pen testing, ethical hacking, networking, compliance, forensics and passion for helping our clients find security vulnerabilities before hackers do. The long years of experience and passion is what produces quality work at CyberTest.

We listed some of our stats

250 +

Web Apps Tested

50 +

Mobile/Desktop Apps Tested

400 +

Networks Scanned

1000 +

Source Code Files Reviewed

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