Penetration Testing for HIPAA Compliance

Be HIPAA Compliant

CyberTest can help you find weakness before real hackers do. Our penetration testing will harden your security posture so you can stay HIPAA compliant.

HIPAA does not require penetration testing but it does require standard security controls for keeping PHI protected from unauthorized access and disclosure of the data. While security controls can be implemented such as using encryption in public transmission of PHI, authorization and others, it does not cover possible open security holes that attackers can use.

To safeguard the PHI, one of the most important security controls is to stimulate the actual hacking attack so that you may locate the problem in the application, system, data, or any infrastructure before a hacker can find out. This is where penetration testing plays its role in looking out the security vulnerabilities in the eyes of the hacker. This is the main objective of CyberTest penetration testing to knock out the security bugs and secure the data.

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