CyberTest Trust Seal

Build confidence, reputation and trust in your company.

Get CyberTest Trust Seal To Show You Are Cyber Secure!

In this age of increased cyber attacks showing your customers you are security tested shows you care about the security of their data, you increase their confidence in your company and build trust.

So how can you get our trust seal? When you get web app penetration testing completed by CyberTest with no criticals, highs, mediums or lows you will receive the CyberTest trust seal to post on your site similar to the one below. Any security issues low or above that are found needs to be remediated before you can use the seal.

Is there extra cost to get the trust seal? No, the seal is part of our penetration testing services. It is optional. You don't need to use it. However if you want to use the seal you need to pass the security test with no criticals, highs, mediums or lows. We can work with you to help you understand what is needed for remediation to get the trust seal.

When does the seal expire? The seal is good for one year from test complete date. To renew you need to get penetration testing completed again. It is industry standard to get penetration testing done at least once a year or after any significant infrastructure or application upgrade or modification to make sure you are protected from the latest security vulnerabilities and new security flaws introduced by code changes.

What about mobile or desktop apps? If you have mobile or desktop app and would like to get those tested also it will show in trust seal that your mobile or desktop app is tested if it also passes with no security issues.

What about network testing? Same with the network. If it passes it will show up in trust seal as tested. The network testing is included with web or mobile app testing.

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